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Welcome to Outsourcing to India!


This website is dedicated to giving a sound, thorough and objective overview of the considerations a company should undergo when dealing with a decision of whether to outsource or not - and whether to choose India as the destination for this outsourcing.


The content on the site is founded in a Master Thesis written on the topic of outsourcing to

India and is continuously being updated.


The site is dealing with three central parts related to India and outsourcing as listed below.





Part I: Why Outsourcing

The first part dealing with outsourcing explains the concept. It also looks at the advantages and benefits associated with outsourcing just as it identifies the major risks connected with the handing over of responsibilities to external parties. This part further investigates the macro economic implications that follow outsourcing and finally takes a glimpse into the future trends of the outsourcing phenomenon. Go to part one...














Part II: Why India

Part two deals with India as a destination for outsourcing. It first dives into India's past, present and future to give an introduction to the country. Next, a thorough look is taken on the Indian outsourcing industry, including its main locations and future trends. Furthermore, India is compared to a number of other outsourcing destinations on a range of criteria and the most significant pros and cons of India are identified. Go to part two...





























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      Outsourcing to India                   



Part III: Danish outsourcing to India

In part three the example of outsourcing from Denmark to India is examined. First, the actual scope of Danish outsourcing activity is outlined and next the motivation for outsourcing from Danish companies is held up  against the conditions offered in India to identify the fit. Finally, some of the problems encountered by Danish companies in India are dealt with and a number of practical cases are analyzed. Go to part three...


Outsourcing to India

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